Sunflowers, Waterfalls and Cowboys

Photography is my passion, and along with this I am also travel obsessed.  Sometimes you cannot get away on a big trip so finding a couple of days to gather the girls and drive somewhere new is a much needed break.  Last month a few of my friends and I drove out to Warwick Queensland to see the sunflower fields and have a mini adventure. Unfortunately the Sunflower season started and ended early so we missed out on those vibrant lively flowers in full bloom, nut we did manage to find a large field of sunflowers that were on their way out, and many other adventures jam packed into a two day trip.

We started off from the Gold Coast and 15 minutes later I was giving incorrect directions and we headed off down the opposite way.  However, in doing so we decided to stop off at Natural Bridge, Springbrook and wandered down to check out the waterfall as a couple of the girls had not yet visited this amazing and beautiful place in the Gold Coast Hinterland. A little while later we were back on the right track and leaving the Gold Coast behind us, heading straight for country town Warwick in time for sunset.

I was really hoping to still find some sunflowers in bloom wasn’t liking my chances, we set the alarm for bright and early and jumped in the car (Bruce) and headed out to see f we could find a sunflower field before sunrise…. we did not.

At first light we stopped next to a farm and set up the tripod and camera ready for the sunrise, it was a bit chilly out here this morning so we rugged up with blankets and were fortunate enough that Warwick has a drive through coffee shop that opened just before sunrise.  So set with blankets and a caffeine hit I was ready for this sunrise.

After this we decided to keep driving around in search of this Sunflower field, stopping along the way of course to feed a horse on the side of the road and snap some more shots in the beautiful soft morning light.

We went for a quick drive through Allora and then looped back around to head back to Warwick.  As we are driving along we come around a bend and what do we see?… a sea of yellow.  We found our sunflower field, the sun was a bit high for my liking by this stage and the sunflowers looking a little sad, but we made it!


We headed back to Warwick to pick up Camesha as there was no way she was getting up at sunrise, we went into Warwick town to check out what else there is to do, we found out there was going to be two Livestock Auctions on that day and as none of us had been to one before we thought ‘when in Warwick’

We took Camesha back out to the sunflower field so she could see it, and mucked around out there for a little while before we had to head back to the Gold Coast.


It was time to say goodbye to little Warwick and Allora, we really enjoyed our time here and will absolutely be back next year when the Sunflowers are actually in bloom.  On our way home we check out a few of the waterfalls through the Scenic Rim and arrive back on the Gold Coast a little after sunset.  Being a photographer, I love adventures like this, just taking snapshots of our adventures and having these memories for myself.