Cake Smash and a Splash


Welcome to P’s Cake Smash.  We set this up inside using the natural light streaming through the front door.  P approached the cake with curiosity, and was very dainty in the way she “attacked” the cake.  Every bub ATTACKS in a different way, which makes every single Cake Smash unique to them.


When I set up for a Cake Smash, I prefer a simple, minimal propped set, this way the focus is on babe and there are no distracting elements in the background.  Here, we kept the decorations neutral and added some soft pink in her clothing and the icing on top of the cake.

cake smash (8 of 1)

After the Smash is done, we set up outside for her Splash Photoshoot.  Filling a wooden tub with bubble bath, and having bubbles at the ready, the clean up begins….


Adding ‘SPLASH’ to your babe’s Cake Smash is a great way to tell a story of the day.  The clean up is just as much fun as the SMASHING.  And not to mention, totally cute right?

cake smash (12 of 1).jpg

P is completely fascinated with the bubbles floating past her and she watches them with such focus.

cake smash (14 of 1)

I had a lot of fun photographing P for her SMASH/SPLASH, she was so well behaved, if not a little shy of the camera. …. but, what a little Cutie Pie!


Interested in hiring a Photographer for your Little One’s Cake Smash?  Email me for more info or request a list of my packages and products below.

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